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Tobacco Taxes Support Illicit Market

| June 10, 2013

cigarette Tobacco Taxes Although 2012 was a comparatively moderate year when it comes to cigarette and tobacco tax boosts, 2013 is changing to be considerably more treacherous. President Obama has suggested a 94 cent per package boost to the federal excise tax; a number of states including Vermont, Minnesota and California are following the suit with plans to increase state taxes on tobacco products from 80 cents per package to $2 per pack.


Does High Cigarettes Tax Policy Enable Cigarette Smugglers

| February 25, 2011

buy cigarettes marlboro onlineCarreras Limited said its sales volumes slipped in the third quarter as smokers continue to retreat from its licit higher-priced Marlboro cigarettes while embracing black market offerings. Company revenue fell seven per cent to J$3.47 billion in the quarter ending December 2010, while net profit dropped 16 per cent, from J$849 million or J$1.75 per share to J$714 million or J$1.47 per share, reflecting both declining sales and a 38 per cent erasure of investment income as yields fell on paper securities.