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President Obama’s Cigarette Tax End in Smoke

| May 24, 2013

Cigarette Tax in SmokePresidential finances are all about theater. However this year was more theatrical than virtually all: Its greatest single new proposition – the sin tax to deliver $78 billion to finance a preschool education program – faded virtually once Obama declared it several weeks ago.


Tobacco Business Affected by Taxes in Missouri

| November 7, 2012

One of the biggest problem Missourians decided on Tuesday was whether to raise taxes on cigs, and late Tuesday night the issue was remoting 46 percent to 54 percent with only 48 percent of the limits reporting. You Decide 2012 Election Results Currently, Missouri has the lowest state taxes on all cigarettes in the nation. Inhabitants especially smokers pay 79 cents in state taxes on cigs in Kansas and only 17 cents in Missouri. Prop B would add 73 cents in state taxes per package,  for a total of 90 cents. And if you do the math, it’s a 429 per cent tax hike, not 760, as opponents require.


Cigarettes Tax Review, No Tobacco Day

| June 1, 2012

cheap parliament cigarettesLocal taxes on sales of tobacco products may replace customs duty if a GCC-level suggestion is enforced. The UAE has proposed a new tax to decrease the tobacco smoking which has increased over the past five years. The sub-regional inter-country conference was held earlier this month ahead of World No Tobacco Day being marked today in Cairo to control representatives from GCC countries on the module developed on increasing cigarettes taxes.


Philippines Smoking Addiction Decreased with High Taxes

| February 29, 2012

buy cheap marlboro cigaretteThe government of the Philippines will update the nations increased taxes on the sale of tobacco products, to lower the country’s smoking rate and to increase government revenues. On February 28th the House of Representatives of the Philippines held a hearing on a new bill proposing an overhaul to the excise cigarettes taxes enforced on the sale of tobacco products in the Philippines, which will instate a single unitary tax rate to be adjusted annually in line with the level of inflation in the country.


Higher Cigarette Taxes Not Reduced Teen Smokers

| February 8, 2012

discount camel cigarettesContrary to Vincent DeMarco’s claims, minors have access to tobacco products because youth and retailers are breaking the law. Increasing taxes is not the answer; enforcing the law is. Higher taxes will cause additional economic hardship to Maryland’s small business owners in the midst of the worst economy in 30 years. If these businesses close, the unemployed will potentially seek public assistance. This one-two economic gut punch will only exacerbate Maryland’s fiscal challenges.