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Contraband Cigs in Coffins, Bulgaria News

| November 14, 2012

best camel cigs onlineContrabandist has been caught transporting millions of illegal cigs around Bulgaria in coffins and even hiring hearses to throw investigators off the smell. Head of the Bulgarian customs agency Vanyo Tanov argued state BNT television on Tuesday the smugglers also concealed some vehicles as ambulances. The public statement came after authorities seized 25 million contraband tobacco products. Four shiny coffins and boxes labelled as containing broccoli were found along with the contraband at a depot in the capital Sofia, the agency declared in a declaration.


Mexican Agents Destroyed Cigarettes

| August 2, 2012

discount karelia cigarettesMore than 82.8 million confiscated cigs are being destroyed in the northwestern port city of Mazatlan, marking the largest seizure of this type of smoking products in Mexico’s history, officials declared. The tobacco products were seized by agents in Mazatlan, which is in Sinaloa state, the customs service argued. “The cigarettes, which arrived in eight containers, did not respect with applicable non-tariff ordinances and restrictions, and they could not be transported to the Goods Disposal and Administration Service because they were foreign trade products, so they had to be destroyed,” the customs service added in a statement.


Money Going Up in Tobacco Smoke

| February 23, 2012

contraband marlboro cigarettes online A lot of money are “going up in tobacco smoke” and the government time come, and it’s time to solve this problem, declared the spokesperson fighting against contraband tobacco products. Gary Grant of the National Coalition Against Illegal Tobacco made a brief stop in Belleville last week for to debate the ongoing problem of the sale and buying of contraband cigarettes. The stop was one of a handful in Ontario along what Grant called the “contraband track” — and the inhabitants where the issue is considered a main interest.


Smuggling Cigarettes on Fishing Boat

| December 2, 2011

cheapest cigarettes online storeSome 4000 cartons of contraband cigarettes were found on a fishing boat after it was stopped by an AFM patrol boat last night. Patrol boat P61 detected the locally-registered fishing boat Crystal Starlight east of Malta. Following a verbal challenge the AFM crew decided to board the vessel. Once on board they noted a significant amount of cigarettes and loose tobacco that were clearly not intended for the personal consumption of the crew.


Contraband Cigarettes

| August 19, 2011

cheap bond cigarettesContraband cigarettes with an estimated value of €4,200 were seized by customs officials at Dublin airport yesterday. The Bond smoking brand of 9,780 cigarettes were discovered in a suitcase carried by a passenger en route from Moscow. They were identified as so-called “illicit white” cigarettes that are legally produced in non-EU states but not available for sale here.