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Contraband Cigarettes a Serious Concern

| December 20, 2011

cheap sobranie cigarettesSo-called “smoke shacks” may have their detractors, but there’s no denying their popularity. During one afternoon last week, QMI Agency monitored a 7/11 store on Christina St. in Sarnia for one hour and saw two packs of cheap Sobranie cigarettes sold. During another one-hour period the same day, 56 vehicles drove up to a smoke shop on Indian Rd., a roadside trailer advertising food, drinks, and “$2 Royals.”


Woman Fined for Illegal Tobacco

| March 24, 2011

contraband tobaccoA New Brunswick woman has been fined $55,369 after pleading guilty to possession of contraband tobacco. Lise Gauvin, 53, of Bas-Caraquet pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges stemming from a December 2010 seizure of more than 104,000 illegal Davidoff cigarettes and other illegal tobacco products.


Worth Lose Because of Contraband Tobacco Sales

| November 25, 2010

smoking cigarettes onlineEvery year, the owners of S&A Confectionary lose an estimated $30,000 worth of sales because of contraband tobacco. Odette Gauthier, who has owned the convenience store on Howey Drive with her husband, Sylvain, for nearly 18 years, said when customers don’t come in to buy Cigaronne cigarettes at her store, they’re not coming in to buy anything else either.


Contraband Tobacco Kill the Smoke Shop Business

| November 5, 2010

cigarettes onlineConvenience store operators in Ontario are demanding that the provincial government get more involved in the fight against contraband tobacco products, the sale of which they say is killing their business. “Our members have been affected substantially by the sale of contraband tobacco,” Canadian Convenience Stores Association spokesman Peter Seemann said Thursday during a visit to the Erie Avenue Max Mart store.


Illegal Cigarettes Flood into Guelph

| June 2, 2010

illegal cigarettesBlack market cigarettes with First Nations origins are dragging convenience stores across Ontario into ruin, says the vice-president of the Canadian Convenience Stores Association. Cheap smokes like Monte Carlo, Red & White are now so readily available that smoking rates are beginning to increase in Ontario, Steve Tennant said, Monday, at a media event staged by the convenience stores association, at a Guelph variety store.