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Plan to Increase Taxes on Smokeless Tobacco Products

| January 25, 2012

discount atis cigarettesYour editorial “The ‘other’ tobacco tax” (Jan. 19) is based on either a basic misunderstanding of how sin taxes are meant to work or a failure to appreciate that discount Atis cigarettes are by far the most dangerous form of tobacco use. Sin taxes are a bad idea. But if the underlying purpose of a sin tax is to discourage risky behavior, the tax rate on each product ought to be in line with the risk of that behavior.


Gray Thinks Over Smoking Policy

| October 14, 2011

best quality atis cigarettesSmoking would be banned on town-owned property – including Wilkies Beach – under an ordinance now under review by the Gray Town Council. A public hearing will be held Tuesday, Oct. 18, at 7 p.m., at the municipal complex, to hear comment on the ban, which would also apply to the consumption of alcohol and the use of medical marijuana.