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Smokeless Tobacco Investigated by FDA

| January 20, 2012

discount lady cigarettes onlineThe Food and Drug Administration is considering the health impact of dissolvable tobacco, leaving investors concerned that new regulations may hurt Reynolds American (RAI -2.38%). Shares in the tobacco giant dropped nearly 2.5% in trading on Thursday. With experts urging regulators to consider the candy-like appeal of flavored dissolvable tobacco to children, there may be good reason to worry. Dissolvable tobacco differs from ordinary chewing tobacco in that it dissolves in the mouth.


Biochemist Encouraged by Smoking Cannabis

| November 11, 2011

high quality lady cigarettesA welsh biochemist accused of supplying cannabis said she enjoyed smoking a pipe of her home-grown drug and that it inspired her to work hard on her land in West Cork. Sionad Jones pleaded guilty to two charges, namely cultivating the cannabis and possessing it for her own use, but denied the charge of having the drug for the purpose of selling it or supplying to others on September 10 last year, when 18 plants were seized by gardaí.