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Dubai Smokers and Addiction to Tobacco

| March 9, 2012

cheap menthol marlboro cigaretteA public campaign has got under way in Dubai to help smokers who wish to quit but cannot because of their addiction to tobacco. Visitors to parks across the emirates will be given free medical checks and awareness booklets about the hazards of smoking, which kills millions of people across the globe. A senior Dubai Municipality official said smoking shishas has been banned in public parks since the past two years. “We are waiting for the law (to go into force) to ban smoking in public places completely,” said Mohammad Ali Fardan, Head of Public Parks at the Dubai Municipality.


Dubai Smokers Consume 12 Cigarettes Per Day

| May 31, 2011

cheap classic cigarettesSmokers in Dubai, both men and women, consume 12 Classic cigarettes per day making them moderate to heavy smokers, according to statistics released by the Dubai Health Authority on Monday. Data also shows that one-third of the nearly two million people living in Dubai are exposed to tobacco smoke,