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Cigarette Warnings No Longer Have a Shock Result

| September 19, 2011

best quality esse cigarettesThe Gillard fearing that old cigarette warnings no longer have a shock value, unveiled new images of a urine bag over a hole in the abdomen, a limb lost to gangrene and more, which tobacco manufacturers will have to use after the plain packaging laws go into effect next July.


Parish Anti-Smoking Have Better Results

| September 12, 2011

cheapest esse cigarettesA parish in Ho Chi Minh City says an anti-smoking awareness campaign it launched recently is proving a success. “We are very happy that many people have given up smoking Esse cigarettes or simply not smoked in the compound of the church since we started the anti-smoking campaign in July,” said Father Joachim Nguyen Thanh Tuu, assistant priest of Tan Dinh parish.


Feds Against the Tobacco Industry

| August 3, 2011

esse cigarettes onlineIf smoking Esse cigarettes made you sick, the federal government should not be caught in the web of any lawsuit you file against the tobacco industry for damages. The Supreme Court of Canada made that sensible ruling last week, effectively untangling the federal government from lawsuits by tobacco users against tobacco companies. The ruling overturned an earlier British Columbia court decision that the federal government could be named as a third-party defendant in tobacco lawsuits.


Illegal Tobacco Seized in Ross-on-Wye

| April 21, 2011

best esse cigarettesMore than 25,000 Esse and other cigarettes have been seized from an eastern European store in Ross-on-Wye. Acting on intelligence, the store was visited by Herefordshire Council’s trading standards team, West Mercia Police and HM Revenue and Customs. They found that UK duty tax had not been paid on 25,740 cigarettes and 14.55 kilogrammes of hand rolling tobacco that were found in the store.


Youths Take Tobacco-Free Position

| March 25, 2011

esse cigarettesAs 13-year-old Thadeus Kirkland lugged around a bucket filling up with discarded Esse cigarettes, he got a whiff of their stench. “It smelled like old coffee that had sat out for a long time, said Kirkland, a seventh-grader at Plaza Park Middle School.