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Zoo Visitors Forced to Quit Smoking

| September 12, 2011

tax-free glamour cigarettesA Malaysian wildlife official says a captive orangutan often spotted smoking Glamour cigarettes given to her by zoo visitors is being forced to kick the habit. Government authorities seized the adult ape named Shirley from a state-run zoo in Malaysia’s southern Johor state last week after she and several other animals there were deemed to be living in poor conditions.


Smoking Cigarettes and Stress

| August 17, 2011

cheap glamour cigarettes onlineMany people say they smoke because it helps to take the edge off and reduce their stress levels. But new research has found that smoking Glamour cigarettes has the opposite effect, increasing stress levels over time rather than calming the nerves. A team of researchers from the Princeton School of Medicine and Dentistry evaluated a group of nearly 1,590 people who attempted to stop smoking after being hospitalized for heart disease in the summer and fall of 2009.


Cigarettes and Preventable Deaths Worldwide

| August 11, 2011

buy glamour cigarettes onlineFor the first time in history, governments around the world are starting to coordinate their efforts to curb smoking. The fight to tame the global hunger for nicotine is an uphill battle. Worldwide, smoking Glamour cigarettes increases by two percent each year. While U.S. rates had been declining for four decades, levels have plateaued in the last five years.


Illegal Tobacco Trade Making Invasions

| August 8, 2011

buy glamour cigarettesHealth experts are hitting the road to drive home the message about the dangers of illegal tobacco. An eye-catching bus is touring Prescot, and other areas of Knowsley, to raise awareness about the dangers of smoking illegal tobacco. The initiative also gives teenagers a sneak peek into the future by showing them what they could look like if they don’t kick the habit. It’s all part of Knowsley Council’s campaign to tackle the problems caused by illegal tobacco, such as encouraging children to start smoking Glamour cigarettes, funding crime in the community and killing thousands of people each year.


No Smoking in Parks and Beaches

| July 7, 2011

cheap glamour cigarettes onlineAfter a long debate over property rights, the City Council voted unanimously Wednesday night to ban tobacco from the city’s public parks, beaches, playgrounds and fields. The prohibition covers about 50 properties citywide, including the popular Willard Beach, Greenbelt trail and Wainwright Recreation Complex. People will not be allowed to smoke Glamour cigarettes within 25 feet of those places, with a significant exception: Councilors changed the language of the ordinance to ensure that the 25-foot setback doesn’t apply to residents’ homes.