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Residents Ask for Effective Smoking Regulations

| June 13, 2012

discount armada cigaretteInhabitants stressed the need for effective implementation of smoking control regulations and for reducing sales of smuggled tobacco products. They also asked the state authorities interested to make standard strategies in preventing sale of cigarettes to youngsters. Expressing perturbation over scandalous disregard of anti-tobacco legislation, the residents on Tuesday declared that effective realization of the ordinances will only serve the main purpose of tobacco products control.


Tobacco Business Fights with Indoor Smoking Law

| December 22, 2011

smoking ban onlineWhen the Montana Clean Indoor Air Act went into effect, several bar and casino owners in Great Falls saw a 25% drop in business. Now, Great Falls company M.C. Inc. believes that it’s found a solution that allows comfortable smoking rooms which comply with state law – but public health officials don’t see it that way. After two years of cutting expenses and barely breaking even, the owners of M.C. Inc. have found a way to cater to their smoking clientele and get the business back on track.


County Looking for Severe Indoor Smoking Ban

| November 15, 2011

discount kent cigarettesAfter repeated complaints about people violating the statewide indoor smoking ban — and the businesses that allow them to do it — Effingham County officials are hoping to make people and businesses pay for their indiscretions. On Monday, the County Board’s Legislative Committee of the Whole voted 6-0 to recommend an ordinance that would mandate financial penalties for violation of the smoking ban.


The Impact of Indoor Smoking Ban

| July 7, 2011

lady cigarettes onlineThose comfortable in their financial positions probably don’t have much sympathy for Sue Kiraly, owner of the Twilite Zone tavern in Stanley, who has defied the year-old statewide indoor smoking ban by allowing patrons to continue to light up Lady cigarettes. Patrons and the bar itself have received $100 citations, but they apparently remain undeterred.


Food in Smoking Bars Permitted

| June 2, 2011

cheap esse cigarettesA bill changing a voter-approved indoor smoking ban and allowing adults-only taverns to sell food is moving forward, in spite of testimony that it was a step backward in the fight against the dangers of secondhand Esse smoke. The measure cleared an Assembly money committee Wednesday and now heads for a vote in the full Assembly.