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Legislation Bans Sale of Candy Cigs

| July 19, 2011

discount kiss cigarettes onlineYou’ve seen them in local shops for years, bubblegum candy that resembles cigarettes and even comes in a Kiss cigarette pack. Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz is hoping to put a stop to that. He introduced Bill 267 that would prohibit the sale of candy cigarettes.


Escambia Retailers Required to Stop Selling Flavored Tobacco

| July 8, 2011

cheapest kiss cigarettes onlineRetailers in Escambia County are being urged to stop the sale and marketing of flavored tobacco and Kiss cigarettes. Escambia County commissioners recently passed a resolution to that effect through the efforts of Students Working Against Tobacco, the Tobacco Prevention and Control Program of the Escambia County Health Department, and the Healthy Environments are Tobacco-Free Partnership.


No Effects of Menthol Ban on Menthol Smokers

| March 17, 2011

buy kiss mentholIn Sept. of 2009, flavored cigarettes were effectively banned by the FDA. Among the flavors banned were coffee, fruit and candy. Now, the FDA wants to take things a step further and ban menthol Kiss cigarettes, as well. However, the ban will anger many menthol smokers and only further prohibits more of what we’re allowed to put into our bodies.