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E-Cigarette Gives Smoking Satisfaction

| February 7, 2012

cheap hilton cigarettesSmokers want to be able to continue to experience the satisfaction that they receive each time they light up a traditional cigarette, but many smokers are also worried about the health risks of lighting up. Electronic cigarettes have exploded onto the market, especially in the past several years, as an alternative to the traditional cigarette. An electronic cigarette is similar in shape but a bit larger than the average traditional cigarette. The shape of most models of e cigarettes will resemble a fountain pen or a magic marker. Most companies are beginning to make smaller models that look just like a real cigarette, but without the added bulk of older e cigarette models.


Model Smokers Rate Not Decline in New Zealand

| January 23, 2012

discount marlboro cigarettesCigarette smoking has declined rapidly among many groups in New Zealand but remains high among some key role model professions, an Otago University research study has found. Most of the occupations showed a marked decline in smokers, with health professionals, the uniformed services and sports and entertainment figures halving their smoking rate between 1981 and 2006.