Fresh Cigarettes And Tobacco News

Smokeless Tobacco Allowed on Campus, University of Memphis

| November 13, 2012

cheap ahram cigarettesThe Student Government Association is trying to give the University of Memphis community its right to chew tobacco, that is. On Nov. 8, the SGA passed a decision that would change the current smoke-free policy on campus to an “on-campus smoking prohibition,” permitting  smokeless tobacco to be used on campus area. Addison Piggott, the SGA senator who sponsored the resolution, argued students should be able to use smokeless tobacco everywhere outdoors because they have no secondhand effects on non-smokers. “We shouldn’t be taking away their right,” he explained. “If they are over 18, they should have the right to use smokeless tobacco if they choose to.”


Cigarette Butts can Cause Fires, Penalties for Violation

| October 25, 2012

cheap winston cigaretteSmoking tobacco is a dangerous habit that polluted the air, leaves discarded cigarettes butts strewn on sidewalks and lawns, and wrecks the health of millions. Some Boulder leaders think so, with the City Council recently moving forward with a proposed regulation that would prohibits smoking on the Pearl Street Mall and set steep penalties for violations, including up to 90 days in jail. Granted, the council is hedging, by passing a second version of the ban that sticks with fines but leaves out jail time for a first violation. Both come up for discussion at the council’s Nov. 1 meeting.


Smoking Rate Higher Among Rural Inhabitants, Kentucky Smoke-Free

| August 16, 2012

cheap ok cigaretteCigarette smoking among teenagers in Kentucky is higher especially in rural places, because there tobacco products are cheaper. That’s the main conclusion of the American Lung Association study, “Cutting Tobacco’s Rural Roots: Tobacco Use in Rural Areas.” Young Smokers in rural places are also more likely to start smoking habit earlier, and are twice as likely to use smokeless tobacco. 24.8 per cent Kentucky’s adult population smokes and 41.62 per cent lives in rural places.


Fresh Air at Schenectady Central Park, Smoking Ban

| August 14, 2012

discount vogue cigarettesSmoking tobacco is not permitted here where kids are out for some fresh air at Schenectady’s Central Park. But even with some regulations on where smokers can smoke at parks and recreational special places in Schenectady, little ones can still get a secondhand smoke exposure. That’s partly why the Electric City is going for a full smoking ban. “I am a smoker and I don’t smoke anywhere around kids. And I don’t think that’s too much to ask,” city inhabitant Dolores Pasquariello declared.


Tobacco Regulation in East Ridge

| May 29, 2012

cheap style cigarettesDuring the down time of their long changes in the East Ridge fire hall, lots of firefighters decline and chew tobacco products to take the edge off. Spectators watching extra turnings at Camp Jordan’s fields may light up cigs. Respondents waiting to hear verdicts in City Court often step outside for a concise tobacco fix. And City Council meeting regular Frances Pope usually will take a quick cigarette smoke break after another devastated agenda session.