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French Parliamentarians Allowed Images of Smokers From the Past

| January 21, 2011

cigarette shop onlineJean-Paul Sartre, who died in 1980, will soon be able to smoke Beverly cigarettes in public again. And the great comic film-maker Jacques Tati will shortly be allowed to take up his beloved pipe too, 28 years after his death. French parliamentarians have voted to recommend a “cultural exception” to an anti-smoking law which has led to the “healthily correct” editing of images of celebrated smokers from the past.


Miley Cyrus Smoke Salvia and Has Her Own Alcoholic Beverage

| January 14, 2011

best cigarettes shop onlineFrom smoking salvia and even Virginia cigarette in a bong, to having her own drink named for her, Miley Cyrus continues to shock the world, sometimes just by name association. Miley reportedly has a new cocktail named after her and her father, Billy Ray Cyrus. The new alcoholic beverage is an appropriate merging of their two names, “The Miley Ray.”