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California Smoke-Free Campuses, UCLA Reported

| November 5, 2012

best winston cigarette onlineSmoking tobacco will be prohibited at almost all California university in the spring, officials declared, as all campuses in the system move toward being tobacco-free. University Chancellor Gene D. Block made a public statement Tuesday in a letter, the Los Angeles Times reported. All smoking products, including e-cigarettes, will be prohibited on the UCLA campus as of April 22, he added. Saying tobacco use and secondhand tobacco smoke are leading causes of disease and death, he added cigarettes butts constitute one-third of all pieces of litter in California.


Students Stressed because of Smoke-Free Campus, Victoria University

| August 24, 2012

discount camel cigaretteVictoria University’s intends to ban smoking on campus has promptly predictions of stressed students dispersing on to public streets for a cig. The new propose would extend the existing prohibition on smoking tobacco inside university area to within three metres of a building and cover the whole campus. The university says a smoke-free ordinance would create a healthier learning environment, but students have questioned how the smoking ban will be enforced.


Students Smoking on Smoke-Free Campus Fined

| February 13, 2012

tax free kent cigarette“I just saw the smoking cops, dude,” a guy warned from his van, interrupting my nervous examination of the roads, sidewalks and doors around me. Paranoia comes with the territory — a college smoker, trapped in the dead center of a smoke-free campus, trying to conceal his tax free Kent cigarette, much like a pickpocket hides a wallet. “Smoking is prohibited on all property owned, leased or operated by Towson University,” according to the Smoke-Free Campus Policy.


Smoke-Free Campus, Kingborough College News

| February 3, 2012

discount prima lux cigarettesThe clock is ticking! There are only 215 days left for smokers to enjoy a discount Prima Lux cigarette on the Kingsborough Community College campus (2001 Oriental Boulevard). Working alongside The Center for Tobacco Policy, the City University of New York (CUNY) has chosen to ban smoking on all of its facilities system-wide, and that includes the Manhattan Beach-based community college. The policy bans the use of tobacco on all grounds and facilities under CUNY’s jurisdiction, both indoor and outdoor. It also prohibits tobacco industry promotions and marketing on campus properties, and tobacco industry sponsorship of athletic events and athletes. The ban makes CUNY the largest smoke-free public university system in the United States.


University of South Dakota Smoke-Free

| January 31, 2012

marlboro cigarettes onlineIt’s already happened across the states of Iowa, South Dakota, and Nebraska, and now it could be coming to a college in one of our hometowns. The University of South Dakota is considering a campus wide smoking ban, and it may come as a surprise that students are the ones who are behind the push to snuff out those cigarettes. USD’s student government passed a resolution back in November, and if the University gives it’s go ahead, it could mean no more smoking anywhere on campus. “It’s not just about the smokers, but it’s about everybody else too; the people who have to be around it all the time,” says Paige Kuhn, a freshman at USD who supports a campus wide smoking ban.