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Tobacco Use Banned, Columbus Schools News

| April 4, 2012

cheapest prima lux cigaretteThe Columbus Board of Education banned any use of tobacco on district property – including in its vehicles – at tonight’s meeting. The seven-member school board voted unanimously to expand its ban on smoking to include a ban on all tobacco use, adding smokeless products such as “dip,” “chew” and “snuff” to its previous ban on cigarettes, cigars and pipes. Superintendent Gene Harris said she will implement the change starting with the next school year, to give everyone time to understand the new policy and its implications. Under the plan, students are not allowed to possess any tobacco product on district property. Employees and visitors are not allowed to use tobacco products, inside or outside buildings, including after school hours and at any school-sponsored events.


College Anti-Smoking Regulation Would Permits Smokers to Smoke in Cars

| March 7, 2012

cheap winston cigaretteSmoking would be banned throughout the College of DuPage campus except inside vehicles, under a proposal officials at the Glen Ellyn school are considering. “We’re trying to simply ensure that the campus is a healthy place to be for all of our students, visitors and employees,” college spokesman Joe Moore declared. Smoking on campus currently is prohibited inside buildings and within 25 feet of buildings. The proposed policy will be discussed by the school’s board of trustees at its March 15 meeting, though the board is not likely to vote on it that night, Moore said.


Peking University Prohibits Smoking Completely

| December 15, 2011

discount hilton cigarettePeking University (PKU) will prohibit smoking discount Hilton cigarette completely in a bid to create a non-smoking campus, it was announced Tuesday. The new regulation applies to everyone on campus grounds, as well as in all buildings and dormitories. The sale of tobacco products is now forbidden in the campus supermarket and shops, as well as all tobacco advertisements. The school plans to post smoking ban signs in public areas throughout the campus, and all teachers now have the right to dissuade others from smoking.


Smoking Bans Spread across SEC Universities

| December 8, 2011

buy camel cigarettesA UA freshman is joining students in an attempt to better the campus by pushing for a ban on tobacco and smoking. Jesse Davis noticed the copious amount of tobacco and cigarette use on campus while walking to classes. “The amount of tobacco use on campus here at UA is obscene,” Davis said. “Especially smoking. We need to make a move toward a tobacco-free campus.” Davis is now joining Zac McMillian of the First Year Council and Speaker of the SGA Senate Ryan Flamerich to push for a ban on tobacco use on campus.


University of Oklahoma Restricted Tobacco Use for Norman campus

| December 2, 2011

discount lucky strike cigaretteUniversity of Oklahoma President David Boren wants to make it difficult, but not impossible, to light up discount Lucky Strike cigarette on campus. Boren, who is pushing for a policy that would restrict tobacco use at the university’s Norman campus, said Wednesday he doesn’t expect the university will ban all tobacco use. Though a policy hasn’t yet been crafted, Boren said he expects it would provide for a few designated smoking areas around campus.