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Tax Increase on all Cigarettes, Missouri Tobacco Control

| October 18, 2012

cheap kent cigaretteThe fact that it is an important election season has not slipped by anyone. Everyone is being attacked by campaign advertisements from the presidential race to the Missouri senatorial race. However, there is one thing that has not been publicized as much in the northwest part of the state that will be on the ballot this election. Missouri residents will have a spot on their votes this November for Proposition B. Prop. B is a ballot initiative designed to increased taxes on cigs and other smoking products. The proposed tax increase would raise the tax on all cigarettes by 73 cents.


Tobacco Smokers and County Health Insurance

| October 10, 2012

cheap camel cigsCounty employees who are smokers have until the end of March to decide whether they want to quit smoking or see their health insurance premiums raise. An study of 583 employees and covered spouses under the county’s current insurance plan are required to take a health risk assessment at the county’s Wellness Center within the next six months, according to a new health plan that started October 1. The assessment, which is not mandatory for dependent kids, is an in-depth analysis of health categories including diabetes, cholesterol, nutrition, hypertension and tobacco use that utilizes a blood draw and health questionnaire.


Delhi Smokers Not Ready to Quit

| July 23, 2012

discount winston cigaretteSmokers in Delhi are interested in quitting smoking. A new research of the tobacco theme in the north Indian states found that smokers in Delhi had made the least tries to quit in comparison to any other state in the region. In Delhi, just 12% inhabitants attempted to kick the smoking habit. Released by the joint secretary in the union health ministry, Shakuntala Gamlin, the analysis discovered that smoking cessation was most sought after in Haryana, where maximum number of 34.2 per cents of cigarette smokers made a big effort to quit.


Smokers Future, Smoke-Free Move

| July 17, 2012

buy kent cigaretteSmokers are going to pay much more for their smoking habit. In September, UT employees who purchase tobacco will pay an extra $360 yearly, or $30 monthly, for health insurance. “It’s my own choice to smoke cigs. It’s not unlawful for me to do so, but why should I have to spend more money for my insurance?” William Kane argued. According to UT documents, tobacco use is inconsistent with the school’s “culture of good physical and mental health.”


Tobacco Use Banned at Samaritan Medical Center

| January 27, 2012

cheapest sobranie cigarettesThe medical executive committee at Samaritan brought a petition to the hospital’s board of commissioners in May to make the Samaritan campus smoke-free and the measure had the board’s approval, said Irwin. Samaritan Hospital and Pioneer Medical Center’s ban on tobacco use goes into effect Nov. 17. Tobacco use is already prohibited within the medical facilities themselves, but the new ban extends to the entire property at Samaritan and Pioneer, including parked cars in their parking lots, said Dr. James Irwin, a member of the committee that recommended the ban.