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Smoking And Money

| March 6, 2012

buy karelia cigarettes onlineState legislators last month approved $260,000 for the Nevada Taxation Department to hire a team of auditors to track cigarette sales by smaller tobacco corporations who were not participants in the 1998 national tobacco lawsuit settlement. Under that settlement, negotiated between several state attorneys general and the major tobacco corporations, payments are made to state governments to cover Medicaid and other costs caused by tobacco-related illnesses and paid for by taxpayers. Nevada was one of the last states to join the lawsuits.


Money Going Up in Tobacco Smoke

| February 23, 2012

contraband marlboro cigarettes online A lot of money are “going up in tobacco smoke” and the government time come, and it’s time to solve this problem, declared the spokesperson fighting against contraband tobacco products. Gary Grant of the National Coalition Against Illegal Tobacco made a brief stop in Belleville last week for to debate the ongoing problem of the sale and buying of contraband cigarettes. The stop was one of a handful in Ontario along what Grant called the “contraband track” — and the inhabitants where the issue is considered a main interest.