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Smoking Habit Spread in Ukraine

| August 6, 2012

discount virginia cigarettesState economic losses from cigarettes smoking amount 3.5 billion dollar, the head of the national project “Ukraine without tobacco smoke” Andriy Skypalsky declared at a press meeting on the topic: “A prohibition on tobacco ads: the public and the State Inspectorate for Consumer Protection join their forces to run anti-smoking law.” According to him, the cigarettes advertising promotes a rapid growth of smoking rate among youngsters. “Ten years ago Ukraine moved to the fourth place in the world for the spread of smoking tobacco due to the massive promotion of smoking products. When the advertising of smoking was prohibited in the traditional mass media, Ukraine moved to the 29th place,” he explained.


Highest Cigarettes Consuming States, Northeast Tobacco Use

| July 30, 2012

cheap camel cigaretteMizoram and Nagaland have earned the doubtful difference of becoming the highest cigarettes consuming states in the northeast. The general data on prevalence of cigarettes smoking in northeastern states show that next to Mizoram, which has tobacco use of 67% – including 40% in the smoking category and 41% in the smokeless category, Nagaland has a prevalence smoking rate of 57 per cent with 32% in the smoking category and 45% in the smokeless category.


Russia Banned Sale of Cigs in Public

| May 22, 2012

cheap karelia cigaretteRussia’s Health Ministry has proposed a draft legislation to parliament banning the open trade of cigs and even smoking in public areas, in a bid to decrease deaths in the world’s largest smoking state, RIA Novosti noted. The state ministry hopes that the new regulations could cut smoking by 40-50 per cent, helping to reduce the annual inhabitants mortality rate in Russia by 150,000 – 200,000.


States’ Attept to Increase Cigarette Taxes

| March 30, 2012

buy esse cigaretteAlthough eight states boosted their sales taxes on cigarettes over the past two years, that’s a decline in the number of such increases by states compared to 2009, a new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows. One thing that smoking prevention experts know from accumulated data is that smoking rates decline as cigarette prices go up, the CDC said. “Increasing cigarette excise taxes directly increases the price of cigarettes, thereby reducing the demand for cigarettes and, ultimately, smoking-related death and disease,” the report’s authors wrote in the March 29 issue of the CDC journal Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reoprt.


Smoking May Not be Illegal in California

| January 3, 2012

smoking cigarettes onlineThe state of California is now making it a little tougher on smokers and a little easier on landlords to keep cigarettes off their property. Smoking may not be illegal in California, but finding a place to do it just got tougher. A new law gives landlords the legal authority to ban smoking almost anywhere in and on their property. Val Vradenburg is an asthmatic who’s had a hard time living next to smokers in the past.