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Tankers Burned Because of Smoking Youth

| January 20, 2011

discount online cigaretteA youth smoking Kent cigarette near two fuel tankers dispensing petrol in Abonnema Wharf, in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, caused the burning of the tankers yesterday. Residents of the area, who envisaged that the fire could spread, evacuated some of their property and family members.


‘I Love You Phillip Morris’ is a Good Jim Carrey Movie

| December 27, 2010

discount cigarettes online‘I Love You Phillip Morris’ is a love story, a comedy and a satire that plays like a live action animated film, so, of course, it stars Jim Carrey. He’s one of the few actors who fit readily into a film that’s often broad, sometimes moving and seemingly unbelievable, even though it’s based on a true story.


The Use of Marijuana Not Legalized in California

| November 3, 2010

cigarettes onlineCalifornians appear to have rejected an attempt to legalize the use of marijuana. With 20 percent of the precincts reporting, 56 percent of voters who cast ballots had said “no” to Proposition 19, compared to 44 percent who had checked the “yes” box. Prop. 19 would have allowed Californians 21 years and older to possess, cultivate or transport 1 ounce or less of marijuana for personal use.


Government New Efforts to Control Smoking

| October 29, 2010

cigaretttes onlineThe workshop followed a situational analysis report by Bontle Mbongwe of the University of Botswana’s Department of Environmental Health. Vigorous marketing by the massive tobacco industry is also to blame for engaging in a brutal war against government efforts to control smoking Winston and other cigarettes through the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).


The European Commission Decided to Discourage Smoking

| October 21, 2010

cigarettes onlineThe European Commission decided Friday to revise a directive on tobacco products to discourage smoking of Classic and other brands. Concerned by the high number of smokers in the European Union, which reaches 30 percent of the population, the European Commission decided to launch a public consultation on the revision of the 2001 Tobacco Products Directive.