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Smokers Switching to Cheaper Electronic Cigarettes

| January 24, 2012

discount lm cigarettesFormer pack-a-day smoker Peter Grindrod has embraced a growing trend towards swapping traditional cigarettes for the cheaper electronic version. Mr Grindrod, who owns Mount Maunganui’s Tay Street Dairy, said some smokers were dodging the January 1 price hike by spending $30 to $40 a week on e-cigarettes compared with $100 on the real thing. Mr Grindrod, who made the switch 10 months ago, said one e-cigarette, offering 500 puffs, was equivalent to a normal packet of 20 cigarettes.


Chewing Gum have No Effect and Smokers Wish to Quit Smoking

| November 21, 2011

cheap classic cigarettesSome people chew sugar-free gum as a weight loss strategy, but does it work? An recent online study in the journal Obesity finds chewing gum daily may have no effect on losing weight. The eight-week study included 201 overweight or obese adults, about half of whom were randomly put in an intervention group and told to chew gum daily for at least 90 minutes at specific times throughout the day. The others were part of a control group that did not chew gum. Both groups were given nutritional information and told to continue their regular activity programs.


Ex-Pompey star Wishes to Help Smokers Quit

| October 27, 2011

quit smoking onlinePompey legend Alan Knight is the face of a new group that hopes to help people kick the smoking habit. The former Portsmouth goalkeeper had been a smoker for the past 30 years. But three weeks ago he decided to stop and now he is urging others to do the same.


Ramadan Gives a Chance to Quit Smoking

| August 11, 2011

buy kent cigarettes onlineNothwithstanding a recent survey showing that 83 per cent of smokers in the Middle East and North Africa do not smoke Kent cigarettes and other tobacco products while fasting, many fail to kick the habit. But Ramadan offers a good opportunity to stub out the habit for good.


Nicotine Gene Responsible For Blocking Tobacco Cessation

| May 17, 2011

cheap mt cigarettes onlineWe know smoking MT an be deadly and causes cancer, yet millions of people continue to light up because they just can’t kick the habit. A new study shows something in the brain may make it harder from some to stop. Michelle Leone has been smoking for 20 years She’s tried to quit before.