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Tobacco Business Affected by Taxes in Missouri

| November 7, 2012

One of the biggest problem Missourians decided on Tuesday was whether to raise taxes on cigs, and late Tuesday night the issue was remoting 46 percent to 54 percent with only 48 percent of the limits reporting. You Decide 2012 Election Results Currently, Missouri has the lowest state taxes on all cigarettes in the nation. Inhabitants especially smokers pay 79 cents in state taxes on cigs in Kansas and only 17 cents in Missouri. Prop B would add 73 cents in state taxes per package,  for a total of 90 cents. And if you do the math, it’s a 429 per cent tax hike, not 760, as opponents require.


People Profit from Smoking Habit, Tobacco Business

| October 17, 2012

buy camel cigsHere it comes, couched in an otherwise rather obtuse debate about state tax ordinance — one more erroneous from the people who profit from the deadly and addictive smoking habit. “We’re still just selling free tobacco,” declared Renia Liu about her family-owned tobacco business, the Tobacco Roll shop in Clifton Park. Not quite. It’s selling tobacco products, all right, but in a way that horrible, if cleverly, dodges the appropriately high taxes on manufactured cigs.


Cigarettes Sales Banned, Fairhaven Pharmacies Tobacco Control

| October 5, 2012

cheap hilton cigaretteA law passed by the Board of Health last month will stop shops with pharmacies in them from selling cigs and other smoking products beginning November 1. The new regulation categorizes Fairhaven’s six pharmacy-containing shops as “health care institutions” and thus prevents them from selling cigarettes and other tobacco products, which cause cancer, respiratory and cardiac diseases, negative birth outcomes and irritations to the eyes, nose and throat, according to the legislation.


Cigarette Makers and Health Care Costs

| August 21, 2012

discount camel cigaretteFour cigarette companies, being pleaded by the New Brunswick government over health care costs, declared that the province gathered more on tobacco products taxes than it paid providing medical services to smoking inhabitants. British American Tobacco P.L.C., B.A.T. Industries P.L.C, British American Tobacco (Investments) Ltd., and Carreras Rothmans contend the lawsuit should be thrown out. The provincial government is suing several big cigarette makers in a tender to recover the costs of treating smoking-related illnesses in the years the companies rejected to hid the health risks of tobacco smoking. It’s not clear how much money the province is seeking, but the four major companies dispute the cigarettes sold in New Brunswick were not their cigs.


Cigars and Premium Smoking Brands, Imperial Tobacco Revenues

| July 24, 2012

buy virginia cigarettesCigarettes price increases and a focus on advertising premium smoking brands has increased revenues at Imperial Tobacco. Tobacco products sale growth brought pace at Imperial Tobacco with 9-month profit up 3 percents at the world’s No 4 cigarettes group as it gained from the ending of a tobacco price war in Spain and put many of its other 2011 smoking problems behind it. The British group, which sells approximately 340 billion cigs every year of smoking brands such as Gauloises, West and JPS, declared today its volumes for the nine months to end, June fell 3 percents, so it depends on price rises for its tobacco sales growth.