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Govt to Rise Cigarette Price by 15%

| November 23, 2011

best quality atis cigarettesThe government will increase tobacco excise by 15 percent starting on Jan. 1 in an effort to curb consumption and health problems. Cigarette makers will pay between Rp 74.75 (0.83 US cents) and Rp 358.8, from between Rp 65 and Rp 312 per cheap Atis cigarette this year. There will be 12 excise types, depending on production volume and retail prices of the three cigarette categories: machine-made clove cigarettes, hand-made clove cigarettes and machine-made white cigarettes.


Mizoram Churches Go On Anti-Tobacco Regulation

| October 17, 2011

buy capital cigarettesChurches in Mizoram have always championed a social cause, and this time they have taken up the crusade of battling consumption of tobacco and cheap Capital cigarettes. The 2009-2010 Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) conducted by the International Institute for Population Sciences for the Union ministry of health and family welfare, said the rate of consumption is 67 per cent in Mizoram.


Warkaris Told to Fight Against Tobacco Smoking

| June 27, 2011

best beratt cigarettes Activists appeal to the religious sentiments of devotees passing through the city to wean them off beedis, liquor and substance abuse. Besides creating a spiritual awakening among devotees, the wari also plays a role in keeping the warkaris away from substance abuse. However, activists say this is not enough and that the warkaris should be made aware of the larger malice of tobacco which directly affects their health, more so because, unlike liquor and meat, its consumption is not forbidden for warkaris.


Country Cooperation in the Fight Against Tobacco

| June 3, 2011

best karelia cigarettesAs the tobacco industry tries new ways to promote its lethal Karelia products, sharing successful resistance strategies is one of the best ways to fight back, according to health experts. “We must use all tools to head off the attacks of the industry,” said PAHO Assistant Director Dr. Socorro Gross. The most important of those tools, as illustrated in posters for this year’s World No Tobacco Day, is the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control FCTC.


Some Facts About Chewing Tobacco

| April 27, 2011

discount classic cigarettesYou thought that puffing away on Classic cigarettes only could result in a racy heart? A new research by doctors from India’s premier All India Institute of Medical Sciences has found that even chewing tobacco – as less as one gram – significantly raised heart rate.