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Contraband Cigs in Coffins, Bulgaria News

| November 14, 2012

best camel cigs onlineContrabandist has been caught transporting millions of illegal cigs around Bulgaria in coffins and even hiring hearses to throw investigators off the smell. Head of the Bulgarian customs agency Vanyo Tanov argued state BNT television on Tuesday the smugglers also concealed some vehicles as ambulances. The public statement came after authorities seized 25 million contraband tobacco products. Four shiny coffins and boxes labelled as containing broccoli were found along with the contraband at a depot in the capital Sofia, the agency declared in a declaration.


Marijuana Cigarettes Legalized in Uruguay, Black Tobacco Market

| November 9, 2012

discount glamour cigaretteIn a tender to stamp out organized crime in the country, Uruguay has legalized the sale of approximately 20 marijuana cigs a month to its inhabitants. Users will be able to buy 40 grams – or 1.4oz – a month, about enough to roll up 20 joints and the sale will be regulated by the state with the dope being sold at a tobacco market price of almost $34. To regulate their purchases, smokers will be given a card with a bar-code that keeps track of the amount of pot each person purchases. Uruguayan President José Mujica, who previously announced new plans to grow up to 150 hectares of marijuana for sale to smokers, declared that his government hopes to remove the black tobacco market trade in pot – and related violence – by implementing this regulation.


Smoking Rooms Opened in Tokyo

| November 2, 2012

discount kent cigaretteJapan is one of the more tobacco-friendly countries in the world; there are no ordinances restricting cigs in indoor places, and the tobacco smoking rate remains high. That declared, more and more public areas are starting to prohibit cigarettes, so areas like train stations often have crowded smoking places where inhabitants struggle to breathe. As an alternative to these, a new company called Ippuku (“puff”) is opening new premium public special smoking rooms around Tokyo that use contactless smart card technology for payments. All smokers will pay ¥50 (about $0.64) a time with their Suica or Pasmo passes, both of which are common forms of electronic money in Tokyo that use the Sony-developed FeliCa RFID special system.


Cotton Growers Switch to Tobacco Market

| October 8, 2012

cheap ahram tobaccoMost cotton farmers in Mashonaland Central province have switched to tobacco production because of the low costs offered for the crop on the tobacco market this season. The growers have started constructing curing barns and others have already established seedbeds. At the same time the tobacco farmers are afraid of losing their property to cotton companies after failing to settle their debts. Most farmers told The Herald that they could not pay back loans to companies that contracted them and have since been given an October 30 deadline to settle their debts before the firms come in to join their property.


Philip Morris Boosts Profits 10 Percents

| September 13, 2012

cheap marlboro cigarettesPhilip Morris International Inc. PM -1.93% has increased its quarterly profits by 10 percents as the tobacco heavyweight looks to raise stockholder returns. The eight cent increase brings the tobacco company’s dividend a sum to 85 cents a share. The increase will cost Philip Morris $134.9 million more a quarter. The dividend carries a yield of 3.8 percent based on Tuesday’s closing cost. Dividend yields and strong cash flows drew investors to tobacco companies last year.