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Cigarettes Sale Continues Near Hospitals

| September 5, 2012

discount hilton cigsWhile several organizations are pressing for a prohibition on the sale of tobacco products in the state, the sale of such products continues unchecked near the Gauhati Medical College and Hospitals (GMCH). The hospital experts claim that they have been regularly asking police officers of the Bhangagarh police station to take stricter action against smokes shops which sell tobacco products near the hospital. But even if police shut down these stores, they resurface.


Tobacco Stores Forced to be Closed, Lawrence News

| April 10, 2012

discount ok cigarettesBob Peckinpaugh opened UCF Half Priced Cigarettes Stores in Lawrence in October. The tobacco business allows smokers to roll their own cigs and Peckinpaugh declared that he was doing alright for himself until he received a cessation. “We got a special letter from the fire Marshall writing that we had to be obliging with the fire safety certification for all cigs,” explained Peckinpaugh. A state fire safety legislation requires that cigs rolled at commercial buildings must use a special type of paper that resists quick burn of cigarettes. “I guess the main tubes have to be fire safety helpful but we are not manufactures,” he added.


Countywide Smoking Ban is Not a Good Idea

| December 1, 2011

best quality kent cigaretteIn a recent episode of my new weekly TV show, “The Fort Report”, I asked once and future City Councilman John Crawford whether he hoped to strengthen the smoking ban he championed in 2007 – and which presumably contributed to his defeat the following year. No, explained Crawford, a physician who won re-election last month as a Republican at-large representative and will return to Council on Jan. 1. He’s content to wait for the rest of the state to catch up with Fort Wayne before considering something even more restrictive.