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Tax Increase on all Cigarettes, Missouri Tobacco Control

| October 18, 2012

cheap kent cigaretteThe fact that it is an important election season has not slipped by anyone. Everyone is being attacked by campaign advertisements from the presidential race to the Missouri senatorial race. However, there is one thing that has not been publicized as much in the northwest part of the state that will be on the ballot this election. Missouri residents will have a spot on their votes this November for Proposition B. Prop. B is a ballot initiative designed to increased taxes on cigs and other smoking products. The proposed tax increase would raise the tax on all cigarettes by 73 cents.


Cigarettes Tax is a Wise Solution

| June 8, 2012

high quality winston cigaretteGov. Pat Quinn should sign new regulation that increases the state’s cigarettes taxes, in spite of the dissatisfaction from border communities that it will hurt tobacco business. The tax is a sensible part of a pack to fix the state’s financially disturbing Medicaid special programs. While we usually were against raising tobacco taxes, this is a tax that helps solve a lot of state problems. Quinn has explained that he plans to sign the new law, which would raise the total tax on a package of cigs to $1.98 beginning June 24. Other smoking products also will see a big increase in taxes starting with July 1.


Tax Free Cigarettes International Advantage

| February 13, 2012

duty free karelia cigarette onlineSmokers may be experiencing the last days of duty free Karelia cigarette savings as 7News reveals both sides of politics are considering axing the international terminal advantage. According to the report, the opposition has asked health spokesman Peter Dutton for his recommendation on cancelling the tax break. Wayne Swan and the Labor party are also considering the same action which was first suggested in the Henry Review three years ago.


Tobacco Market and Cigarettes Price Hike, U.S. Tobacco

| February 2, 2012

discount leana cigarettesPhilip Morris International Korea’s recent plan to raise its discount Leana cigarette prices is fueling concerns over inflation as rumors swirl that its bigger rival KT&G will soon follow suit. The Korean unit of the U.S. tobacco giant is to slap an unexpected price increase averaging 6.8 percent starting Feb. 10 to offset rising raw material and labor costs.


Smoking Rates Still High in Wisconsin

| January 23, 2012

cheap hilton cigarettesAn advocacy group says Wisconsin falls short when it comes to protecting residents from the harms of tobacco. Wisconsin got an A for smoke-free air — protecting people in public and at work, but Dona Wininsky with the American Lung Association-Wisconsin chapter says the Badger State only got a B for its cigarette tax. She says Wisconsin’s tax is higher than the national average. The tax increases the overall price, which is a great deterrent for using the product. The group’s State of Tobacco Control 2012 report grades the state based on existing policies. As for tobacco control and funding, the state got an F. The report also gives Wisconsin an F for its coverage of cessation treatments and services.