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Dorchester County Council Propose to Ban Workplace Smoking

| February 8, 2011

cigarette onlineDorchester County Council not only tabled for a second time a law to ban workplace smoking Viceroy but also tabled a motion to require smoking or no-smoking signs in those businesses. Councilman David Chinnis had proposed the sign law as a compromise to the smoking ban, which has council divided.


Irmo’s Anti-Smoking Plan Criticized

| August 3, 2010

cigarettes onlineIrmo’s plan to make businesses post notices on whether smoking Marlboro is allowed inside is inadequate, anti-smoking groups say. A ban on lighting up indoors, not warnings, is the best protection for workers and customers, leaders of the South Carolina Tobacco Collaborative said. The town plan amounts to restrictions “in name only,” said Louis Eubank, executive director of the organization.