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Teenagers Hospitalized after Smoking Herbal Mixture

Smoking BlendsFour valley high school students were hospitalized after police said that they smoked an artificial drug that can be hundreds of times more powerful than any smoking product and even than marijuana. The freshman students are from Valley Vista High School in Surprise near Greenway Road and Parkview Place. They were found buy a campus police officer. One of them was lying on the ground near the tennis courts. And he was in the fetal position and kept saying that he was dying.

“My understanding is that there was some nausea, severe nausea… bad enough that they needed to be transported and seen medically,” declared Jim Dean from the Dysart School District.

What makes this story even more shocking is that the marijuana substitute they smoked is not illegal in their country.

Police said that the students smoked an herbal blend known as K2 or Spice which is coated with chemicals and legal to buy if you’re over 18 years old.  It’s sold as incense and labeled, “Not for human consumption.”

“It said that right on the package not for human consumption. That is mean that it was not recommended to smoke. I wouldn’t recommend anyone out there to smoke it,” explained David Ayvazyan, co-owner of Little Amsterdam Smoke Shop.

Since the product is not illegal, the students won’t face criminal charges. They’ve since been released from the hospital.

The Drug Enforcement Administration referred to the blend as “stealth marijuana” and said that the product could eventually be banned soon.


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