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The European Commission Decided to Discourage Smoking

cigarettes onlineThe European Commission decided Friday to revise a directive on tobacco products to discourage smoking of Classic and other brands. Concerned by the high number of smokers in the European Union, which reaches 30 percent of the population, the European Commission decided to launch a public consultation on the revision of the 2001 Tobacco Products Directive.

As tobacco alone accounts for 650,000 premature deaths each year in the EU, the commission underlined the need to better inform citizens on the dangers of tobacco use.

The commission also underlined the need to discourage smoking through more visible health pictorial warnings on cigarette packs and through tougher regulation of dangerous, addictive and attractive substances in tobacco products.

“Tobacco is not a product like any other: it is addictive and it means illness and suffering for our citizens and avoidable healthcare spending for European governments,” said Health Commissioner John Dalli.


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