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Tobacco Aroma, The Secret of the Tasty Tobacco

cigarette online flavorsThe secret to great tasting tobacco is in the flavoring. The commercial companies use flavorings to smooth out tobacco, remove harshness and stinging and deliver a mellow flavored tobacco. Now you can do the same at home with our Tobacco Flavorings.

There are two types of flavorings, Tobacco Enhancers which work to generally smooth out tobacco and remove harsh tones and Top Note Flavors which are absorbed by the tobacco to create a pleasing taste and smoking aroma.

We suggest applying a Flavor Enhancer to all home grown tobacco, allowing it to fully dry and then applying a Top Note

Flavor for best results. Applying our flavors is a very simple process:

1. After tobacco has dried and cured properly removes stems and shred tobacco into the size you will use when smoking.

2. Place a pound of shredded tobacco into a large open tray and start misting the tobacco with the flavoring while stirring the tobacco thoroughly. 2 ounces of our pre-mixed flavoring will flavor one pound of tobacco.

3. After flavoring has been applied, cover container for 3-4 hours to allow tobacco to fully absorb flavoring, then spread tobacco out on a table or shelf to dry. Stir the tobacco every 4 hours or so to facilitate drying.

4. After 24 hours, tobacco should be ready to use. We recommend sampling a batch to insure that it has dried adequately, if it has not, allow to dry until burns evenly when lit.

Store bought tobacco that has been allowed to dry out and would no longer be smoke able can be given new life simply by adding our flavorings, using the above process.

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