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Tobacco Education & Cessation Efforts Need a Lot of Money

The Anti-Smoking ProgramsMillions is needed for anti-tobacco prevention programs. And unfortunately not all the countries have such an amount of money. But fortunately some of these poor states are helped. For example, Saint Louis County has received more than $7.5 million for tobacco education and cessation attempts by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These funds will be wasted locally during the next two years.

“We are very stimulated about this prize and look impatient to only positive advantages it will have on the health of Saint Louis County inhabitants,” said County Executive Charlie A. Dooley.

The tobacco education and cessation award for Saint Louis County is for $7,593,110.

These funds will be used for: to inform all state youth about the dangerous effects of tobacco smoking, to teach the whole population about the harms even of secondhand smoke, and to help smokers to quit easier the smoking habit.

Dr. Dolores J. Gunn, Director of the Saint Louis County Department of Health, added: “Long time ago we know that tobacco is the main public health enemy. These funds will help us fight all the problems linked with cigarettes use.”

So, the Saint Louis County Department of Health will be working with the CDC during the next 30 days for to establish a particular budget for the whole grant award.

The St. Louis County Health Department intends to work with a lot of community partners over the next two years in order to reach the grant’s aims. Among other will include partners from Washington University’s Center for Tobacco Policy Research, the St. Louis University School of Public Health and Tobacco Free Missouri – Greater St. Louis Coalition.

In appendix, the state department will work also with local businesses, schools and with many other secret organizations for to inform people about tobacco harmful effects.

Almost 50 percent of smokers die earlier from their smoking habit, approximately 14 years earlier those who do not smoke, World health Organization concluded.


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