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Tobacco Products Exports to the US

buy kiss cigarettes onlineBusinessmen are asking the government to create opportunities to continue tobacco products exports to the US, after Indonesia won a recent trade debate at the WTO. “Six months at the earliest if the government creates the occasion,” declared Hasan Aoni Aziz, the Indonesian Cigarette Factory Association’s spokesman. As such, he added, the government had three main choices; lobbying the US to discuss the issue of cigarette exports, calling on the US to review its cigarette ban and other compensations for the anti-cigarette law implementation,

for instance raising the quota for other export commodities from Indonesia. “From the three options, we want the first solution,” he explained.

Indonesia recently won in the flavored cigarette trade debate with the US at the WTO’s panel and appeal court. The WTO panel decided that the US had discriminated against Indonesia’s clove cigs through the realization of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.

The law prohibited the sale of clove cigarettes, such fruit-flavored tobacco products. Nevertheless, the legislation excluded menthol cigs manufactured in the US, because this ban was considered as discriminatory.


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