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Tobacco Stores Forced to be Closed, Lawrence News

discount ok cigarettesBob Peckinpaugh opened UCF Half Priced Cigarettes Stores in Lawrence in October. The tobacco business allows smokers to roll their own cigs and Peckinpaugh declared that he was doing alright for himself until he received a cessation. “We got a special letter from the fire Marshall writing that we had to be obliging with the fire safety certification for all cigs,” explained Peckinpaugh. A state fire safety legislation requires that cigs rolled at commercial buildings must use a special type of paper that resists quick burn of cigarettes. “I guess the main tubes have to be fire safety helpful but we are not manufactures,” he added.

Peckinpaugh may not produce the paper but agents from the revenue office recently came in and disabled his tobacco machines. They did the same to almost 20 other shops in the state and now Peckinpaugh declared that he is in danger of losing his own business.

“I only have maybe a week left and I will have to close this shop because with no profit you can’t pay the store rent and you can not pay even the utilities.”

But the tobacco stores aren’t going down without a real fight. They have formed the ‘Roll My Own Coalition of Kansas’ and are taking the interesting situation to court. They also hope to get some kind of rules so they can keep doing their personal business.


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