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Worldwide No Smoking Legislation

buy camel cigaretteSmoking is considered to be not a safe habit – however people all the time loved the smoking addiction. The smoking practice has been changed throughout years but in our days it became an accepted habit by all-over the world people. In the past were a lot of attempts to decrease the smokers’ rate and to reduce the number of inhabitants’ death which it causes yearly, even through passive smoking. Statistics showed that almost 1.1 billion worldwide people are smokers.

Government and health scientists across the world plan to restrict smoking in public places and to reduce smoking rate among population. They introduced age smoking restrictions law and smoking ban in public places. The new anti-smoking laws help to prevent inhabitants from smoking in public and indoor areas like: offices, parks, cars, restaurants and even bars. But Government and states authorities never stop to implement more and more restrictions regarding smoking cigarettes.
For example in the United States approximately 50 per cent of states have enforced laws regarding smoking in bars, restaurants and offices. But in May 2011 New York City decided to prohibit smoking in some outdoor places like parks and beaches.

The most important smoking legislation came into play in the UK between 2006 and 2007. Starting with 1 July 2007, all public places became smoke-free areas. Currently the only anti-smoking restrictions in outdoor areas in England are in railway stations, bus stations and of course phones boxes. But Scotland for the first time introduced smoking ban beginning with March 2006.


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